Remanufactured Valve Program

Here's how it Works

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Step One

A&B will inventory and warehouse used and excess stainless & exotic alloy valves for your future use free of charge.

Step Two

A&B will perform an evaluation of value usage and assist the plant site in determining which valves, when remanufactured, will save money.

Step Three

A&B will ship, free of charge, palletized wire baskets for designated areas on site make future valve collection easy.

Step Four

A&B will coordinate with site shipment of valves to our Nazareth, PA Production & Warehouse Facility for visual inspection by technicians.

Step Five

A&B will send a detailed computerized inventory list upon request to plant sites with custom specifications where applicable.

Step Six

A&B will provide inside warehousing free of charge of both valves & used parts inventory segregated for your site’s exclusive usage.

Step Seven

A&B will quote valves in order of most significant saving to site: Customer Valve Pool and A&B Stainless Inventory.

Step Eight

When needed by the site, A&B will remanufacture and/or modify to site specifications. All modifications are performed at A&B’s facility.

Step Nine

All valves are 100% inspected, tested & certified in compliance with A&B’s quality systems, quality control procedures (QCP#1-21), and site specifications.

Step Ten

A&B will send updated inventory lists to plant sites upon request.

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This program was designed and implemented worldwide by DuPont and A&B Stainless in1986. It can be customized to meet your specific site requirements.

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